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Our Story

The idea for Droozal popped up when one of the founders of Droozal wanted to print some business cards. As any other person related to IT, his research for a printer began over the internet. It turned out that there wasn't a single online service available at that time that could provide a fully automated internet based printing solution. This meant visiting Urdu Bazar in Lahore to find a printer. After finding a printer through a contact, the first challenge was to transfer the design idea to the printer effectively. The design either had to be taken to the printer physically or it had to be emailed to printer. After delivering the design, the next phase involved waiting for the business cards to arrive. The process lacked any time efficient tool to track the progress. Finally, the cards arrived but there was a spelling mistake, so naturally the whole process had to be repeated. Unlike Pakistan, all major markets are gradually moving printing business online. 83% of the printing orders in USA are placed through online services. Online services provide cost-effective solution to all the workflow problems just mentioned above.

At Droozal, we like to call ourselves an online printshop. Formally, Droozal is a technology powered printing platform which allows users to design, visualize, order and receive business cards from the convenience of their homes or offices. We employ strict quality control in our printing process; we are so confident in our quality standard that we offer unconditional money-back gaurantee if you are not satisfied with the quality. We have a state of the art what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor which lets you visualize your endproduct. What you see in the editor is exactly how your business card will appear in your hand. Once you place the order, our software platform creates an image of your design. This image is what we print. So you can be sure that there won't be any changes in your design or text. We do apply sanity checks to all orders before printing them to make sure that there aren't any obvious problems, like a spelling mistake. If we do find a problem, we will call you to discuss it with you. We also provide step by step tracking ability for your orders. Whenever your order enters a new stage in the printing pipeline, we will send you a notification. This way you will know exactly at what stage your order currently is.

One of the biggest strengths of Droozal is the availability of pre-designed templates. These templates are customizable and can be used to create professionally designed business cards without much effort. Just enter your information in the editable fields and you are done!

We accept all the major credit/debit cards. Our payment acceptance process is PCI compliant and extremely secure. Online payments supplement our ease-of-use paradigm. It allows users to pay from the convenience of their homes and offices without leaving work. We value your time!.

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